Our brands « Prêt à porter », as we like to say
They are developed according to consumer trends, personal aspirations or local opportunities. Their sole purpose is to please and reassure.
Our key brands are designed to be market leaders and benefit from our unique and extensive experience. 
Our brands are all sourced from our partners’ vineyards, ensuring quality, consistency and continuity. 
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Our properties « Haute couture », as we like to say
Our vineyards convey our emotions as winemakers and wine lovers. With up to 100 hectares of vineyard all around the world, set in unique locations or exceptional terroirs, our sole purpose is to make great wines.
It all starts in the vineyard, where we tend to our wines with tremendous attention to detail at every stage: equipment, growing process, vinification and maturation.
The accumulation of all these details gives shape to the true expression of their terroir and wines of excellence.
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